#ExtraVeg Box Ideas by Croque Maman

November 24, 2014

Every month, we take part in the #ExtraVeg challenge hosted by a Fuss Free Flavours, Utterly Scrummy, and a different food blogger for that month. The challenge encourages people to include more veg in their diet and to share veg ideas with the rest of the blogging community. Last month's winner of an Uber Mixed Veg Box was Helene of the blog Croque-Maman. She's shared some brilliant ideas for using up the contents of your veg box. Thanks Helene!

Do check out this month's #ExtraVeg Challenge here. 


Fruit & Veg box

  • Portobello Mushrooms

I made a delicious omelette on the top of which I added the cooked portobello mushrooms with some grated emmental before folding, awaiting for the cheese to melt before serving…. a wonderful quick & easy supper.

  • Leeks

I made a crust-free quiche with leeks and bacon, another quick and easy recipe I am yet to share! The boys always wolf this down.

  •  Brussel Sprouts

As you can see the boys were really keen to help me prepare the Brussel sprouts! They managed to rip most of the sprouts and put them in a bowl for me! I cooked brussel sprouts with chestnut and bacon as a main. It was a wonderful combination. My husband and I loved it but the boys were not so keen. I think I should have chopped everything in even smaller pieces or even puree the Brussel sprouts and leave the chestnut and bacon in small pieces. It was so nice and not bitter in any way so I will definitely give it a try another time.

  •  Cauliflower & Purple sprouting broccoli

I added the purple sprouting broccoli to my traditional “gratin de choux-fleur” which was delicious.

  •  Rainbow carrots

I added them to my vegetable pasta sauce, they were so tasty and beautiful.

  • Rainbow chard

I have had lots of Swiss chard when I was a child and I loved it. Little did I know that rainbow chards excisted! So beautiful! Anyway I just thought that I needed an expert to help me preparing and cooking this… so I called… my dad :-) We had these rainbow chards as a side with a little bit of creme fraiche, delicious, we all loved this.

  • Red onions

 They were so many onions in this bag, they could not have been used to season dishes only so I made a dish full of it: an onion tart, it was amazing.

La tarte aux oignons (watermark) - Croque-Maman

  • Robinta red potatoes

Potatoes are so versatile yet I don’t cook with them this often in our house at the moment. As a result they ended up as the last ones to be used. I finally found a perfect happy ending for them  when my friends came overfor a raclette: they ended up steamed with new potatoes :-)

  • Falstaff apples, conference pears and mandarins

We have eaten all of these fruits raw. The boys go through so much fresh fruits every week that these came in very handy and the selection was really appropriate as the boys favourite fruit at the moment is pear. The mandarin skin was too thin for clementine lanterns but yet delicious.