Natural Food Colourings from Fruit & Veg

February 05, 2015

We were inspired by chef and cookbook writer Milli Taylor to write about natural food colourings from fruit and vegetables! Milli pickled our purple rainbow carrots overnight, then used the pickle juice to colour her eggs neon pink!

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 1.53.36 pm.png

Here are some helpful tips from The Free People blog on getting natural colours  out of your food. They've talked specifically about them as fabric dyes but you can also use that as an inspiration to find out what to use for food dyes!

It’s important to remember when working with natural dyes that experimentation is key – depending on the amount of ingredients you use and how long you leave what you want to dye in the solution, the color you get can vary.

For blueish/ purple dyes:

Blackberries and red cabbage can be used to make bluish/purple dyes.  

For pinkish/ red dyes:

Beets and blueberries can make a really lovely dusty rose colour.

For brown/ orange/ yellow dyes:

Yellow onion skins and turmeric.

For green dyes: