HPP Technology

In order to maintain all the flavour and nutrients in our Organic Coconut Water without heat treating it we use High Pressure Processing (HPP), learn more about this clever technology here.


HIGH PRESSURE PROCESSING (HPP) is a non-thermal process able to keep fresh attributes of juices, smoothies and other fruit and vegetable beverages.

Freshly processed beverages are placed into a high pressure vessel in their final flexible package (bottle, pouch or canister with normal head space), and subjected to a high level of hydrostatic pressure (isostatic pressure transmitted by water). Shape and integrity remains unchanged because pressure is identical on every part of the product. HPP is an “all-natural”, clean, environmentally friendly technology which does not void the organic products manufacturing. Premium, natural and/or organic beverages maintain higher sensory, functional and nutritional values while improving shelf-life and food safety.

Coconut Water

Coconut water contains electrolyte salts such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium and phosphorus in nature's perfect balance to rehydrate the body. This is the reason why coconut water is considered the best isotonic natural beverage. Coconut water processed by HPP keeps all the nutrients an flavor of raw product. High pressure process is the only option to develop and “all-natural“ coconut water, with an extended shelf-life and preservatives-free.